The Wind Down and Back To Scottsdale

Holly had dropped me off at the Hampton Inn in Canon City which ended up being a ways outside of town, expensive and absolutely the worst bed and bedding. Mind you over the last 40 some days I had been in some really bad places. So the next morning after doing laundry I packed up and rode down to the American Inn and for one third the cost had a very adequate room. It is a re-generated motel but unlike many of its ilk it was clean and reworked nicely.

A great plus was the Waffle Wagon restaurant across the street (US 50) where I had breakfast/lunch  of homemade chicken and noodles. It has weird hours though of 6 am to 12:50 pm. Real busy place where you line up and seat your self when its your turn.

All through this time I was calling Hertz about getting a car and finally was told that for certain I would get one by 2:00 pm the next day, a Thursday. So I crashed basically sleeping off and on for the next thirty some hours. Just couldn’t get enough sleep and still had a difficult time breathing.

I woke the next morning and walked over to the Waffle Wagon for breakfast when they opened at 6 am. The air was full of smoke from the forest fires and that didn’t help my breathing problems. After breakfast I struggled to walk back to the motel.

At eight o’clock I called Hertz to check on the status of things regarding a car. Every time I called I seemed to get a different person who had to go get all the info on my reservation. And the answer was always the same: as soon as they got a car it was mine. Finally at check out time I called the front desk and got a check out extension until 11 am. After that they were going to charge me $6.00 hour.

I called Hertz one more time and while there had been a certain certainty of having a car by 2 pm it now become a bigger maybe they would get a car today.

I don’t handle uncertain well so I pulled the trigger on Plan B; shuttle to Pueblo, ship bike and gear home, and fly home. The first problem was finding a shuttle to Pueblo. No matter where I searched I could not find a taxi or shuttle in Canon City listed. Finally out of desperation I called Fremont County Cab in Florence. It ends up they run the Canon City cab and shuttle service. They said it would be a while as they were busy but they would get to me soon. I repacked the panniers so I would be keeping one small pannier and the handlebar bag with me and shipping the rest home by FedEx. Meanwhile my checkout time was expiring so I went to the front office and bought two more hours.

I had just returned to my room and was unlocking the door and the cab pulls up. I tossed the bike in the back and loaded up the panniers and I was off to Pueblo and the bike shop. At the bike shop they were readily aware of the drill as they are right on the TransAm route and things went smoothly there. I asked who flew out of the Pueblo airport and was surprised to learn it was Frontier a low cost airline. Really Great Lakes flying contract for Frontier.

From the bike shop I walked down to the Marriott Courtyards only to find they were booked up with a car show of some sort. In fact all of Pueblo was jammed up with one or another event.

I called around and finally got a room at a Holiday Express. But while I was at the Marriott I tried to use their business center computers to book a flight. No go as they were working on their network. That is when I found the Verizion 4G service has it’s limitations. I opened the hot spot on my phone so I could use the tablet to book the flight. No go. The 4G service could not find the Frontier web site. Luckily the Marriott wi-fi was up and running and I was able to get on the Frontier website and snatch a low cost booking to Phoenix.

The front desk at the Marriott was great and helped me out as much as they could. Even called me a cab.

5:30 pm Hertz called and said they finally had a car and asked if I still needed it even though I canceled the reservation when I pulled the trigger on Plan B.

The next morning I took a cab to the airport and flew to Phoenix via Denver.

Plan B worked out best given that I probably had a concussion and should not have driven the 700 some miles back to Scottsdale anyway. The cost will probably be about the same. Besides with Hertz I had no control over the car. It could have been anything between a KIA Soul and a SUV or mini van.



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