Stanyan Updates

The Stanyan now has nice shiny black fenders. The 28 mm tires make them a close fit but they work. Without fenders the bike will accommodate 32 mm tires. But on tour I really missed the fenders on the Bruce Gordon in the rainy days I had to ride.

I going to set up the Stanyan as my main event bike for tours and centuries. First I want to get a hub generator and headlight with USB charging output(Busch & Müller Luxos IQ2 U) so I can charge the Garmin Edge 500 and my smartphone if needed. I want the option to ride in the summer the early hours to beat the heat and wind.

I need to build a new wheel set.

  • Mavic Open Pro rims.
  • Front Supernova Infinity S dynamo hub 32 spokes.
  • Rear Ultegra hub 36 spokes.
  • Wheelsmith 14/15 double butted spokes with alloy nipples.

After a lot of research I decided to stay with my old and faithful Mavic T-217 Ceramic rims with 36 spokes as they are strong and will accommodate 25-32 mm tires. I changed to the gold standard hub dynamo the SON28 as the Supernova Infinity is only 32 spokes. Harris Cyclery makes things too easy as they will send the correct spokes (DT Swiss) given the rim and hub info. So all I have to do is rebuild the front wheel with the new hub, spokes and rim tape.

I do have a Mavic MA-3 (Open Sport) wheel set with Ultegra hubs as backup for this bike too.

The head lamp will not be available until this fall.

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