Stanyan reconfiguration to a Century machine

The SOMA Stanyan was set up for the Adventure Cycling van supported Atlantic Coast tour. I have canceled that tour and have now shifted my focus towards doing century rides locally. Reconfiguring the Stanyan means focusing more on weight reduction and speed.

  • Start weight 29.5 lbs. Reconfiguration weight 25 lbs.
  • Fenders are more or less irrelevant in Arizona.
  • Change out the wheels as there is no need for a hub generator and the 28mm tires.  Will move to Mavic Aksiums and 25mm GatorSkins.
  • Rack is not needed as won’t be hauling any gear or other touring essentials.
  • For now the Brooks Professional (not to be confused with a Brooks Team Professional) saddle stays with the  possibility or moving back to the Terry Fly.

The other option is using the Scattante CFR (~ 17 lbs)  which is a dream bike to ride but lacks the triple that the Stanyan has and there are some monster hills (for me) on the local centuries.

The Stanyan had a 11-30 IRD rear cassette and that has stayed with the wheelset. It now sports a  new 12-30 Ultegra rear cassette.

The Bruce Gordon remains the same,, setup for loaded touring or some possible local canal riding.

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