Getting Close

It is getting close to the departure now, less than a month to go, in fact it is 23 days out now.

Training is going well. 45 miles today with the bike at its “wet” weight of 74-75 pounds. Shaved a bunch of weight and then replaced it with food and cooking kit. Dropped the kickstand as it wasn’t really all that reliable with the heavy bike. Frame pump got dropped as it wasn’t as efficient or effective as the Air Tool micro. Also the frame pump tended to limit the size of the water bottle on the seat tube.

Taking the attitude “if I need it, I’ll buy it” with clothing as I will be taking little extra stuff.

Riding to conserve energy and increase endurance.  Seems to be working well as the hills are a constant but steady grind without “pooping out” before the top.

Built a shipping crate skinned with cardboard that FedEx ground will move to Newport News and hold for me. I’m shipping bike and gear ( one box). Don’t want to miss around with airlines and TSA.


Me and friends on ride.

Me and friends on ride.


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