Day 31 LaCygne to Iola 71 miles

I threaded the needle today. Rode between two T Storms and only had a 30 min light rain.
Opened the Longhorn restaurant at 6 am.( don’t bother eating here) Out the “cabin” door at 7 am.

Jumped on to US 69 with nice wide shoulders going south. The wind was SSE so it wasn’t exactly a picnic. Got off on KS 52 to Mound City where I had a real breakfast at Ladybugs.

Rode KS 52 until it ended at KS 31. West on KS 31 through Blue Mound to KS 3. KS 3 for 13 miles to US 54 and then west to Iola. In motel as I just beat the rain to town.

KS 3 was really quiet with hardly any traffic. Did have some hills and a steep one up out of the Osage river crossing. Again KS 3 runs south and had a SSE wind.

US 54 is a nice wider two lane road with a 12 – 24 inch shoulder. Traffic was light and few 18 wheelers. It seemed that I had a strong tailwind as I was cruising at 17, 18, and sometimes 21 mph. The road is, to me, flat.

Tomorrow I’ll hook up with the ACA Trans am outside Eureka on US 54.

Dog Story
I have had little trouble with dogs and haven’t met one I couldn’t deal with. Today I had some chases but nothing to write home about. Except one. As I rode past the farm house I heard the dog coming to the chase. I also saw a pickup coming the other way so I figure the chase was ruined for the dog. Then I heard a thump and knew the pickup had hit the dog. I stopped figuring that I probably needed to go back and remove the body from the road. But the dog, a nice looking hound, was limping back to the barn.

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