Day 29 Sedalia to Clinton 40 miles

Stepping stones. They are rarely where you want on need them. So it was today. I would have liked to make it to Butler today but felt it was a bit much. So it is Clinton today Butler tomorrow.
The weather has me perplexed. Today felt like it could snow anytime. Did not see the sun and it stayed in the mid 60’s. I got chilled when I stopped with the wind blowing the way it is.
Rode the Katy for the most part and it was dry and firm
There were many soft spots which are real pain to deal with. Again lots of sticks and branches on the trail.
While the trail is the trail it was not wet nor was it dusty. Much more open country and was glad the sun was not out as it could be very hot out there.
From Windsor to Calhoun I rode 52. It was a great break from the trail. There definitely were some long hills today and they could be a grind. The wind played nice today with a small assist.
Am in the M (star) motel a budget place alternative. It is more than adequate for me.

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