Back To the Routine

Tuesday I took the road bike for a little spin around the loop at 5:00 am and it was a nice cool ride after being off the bike for almost a week. Body was not quite awake and had slipped out of the routine of pedaling every day. But it was an easy 30 mile ride with nothing to note physically. Just a pretty normal ride albeit slower than what I expected on a carbon fiber bike after pushing around the fully loaded truck for a month and a half up hill and dale.

Today, Thursday, hit the road at 6:00 am and started out with the slow and easy routine enjoying the cool morning air once again. At about the half way mark a woman rider slide past me, obviously more than a casual rider, and that woke the legs up and I soon found myself cruising almost effortlessly at the 17-18 mph mark. And no I wasn’t drafting her. What I found was I was able to push/mash ┬áthe gears high enough to easily sustain those speeds. Probably the same effort to push the loaded touring bike along at 10 mph with a small grade. So I had a 5 mile lap at 15.9 mph average and the next 5 mile lap at 16.4 mph average. Had a 28.3 mile ride with an overall 13.7 mph average.

Whatever happened in Colorado seems to have passed by. Suspiciously looking like some form of altitude induced heart failure. Just guessing but with my history of heart issues it seems a reasonable  diagnosis.


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