Utah Utopia Summary

Oren was an excellent tour guide and we visited some awesome places, Arches, Zion, Bryce, and Capitol Reef National Parks. In addition I was able to add Canyonlands NP and Dead Horse, and Goblin State Parks to my list. And we also did some hikes that were great too.

But as a sag driver I was only able to do sag duties two days as the weather made bike riding untolerable. The one opportunity we had to camp, with decent weather, at Goblin State Park the campground was booked and the few places left that were available was in the mud and the tent pads pools.

I have mixed emotions about having a sag on a bike tour. It seems to offer a too easy of a way out when the weather is bad, as we experienced. Without a sag you just have to tough out the weather and soldier on.

On this route riding fully loadable and camping would be rather difficult because there were some huge climbs and some smaller but rather sharp climbs most of the way. And none of us were exactly young either. The alternative is either a credit card tour or a longer loaded tour with shorter mileage.

This seemed be an anomaly with the weather we experienced as the end of September and the beginning of October are normally the prime time for southern Utah.

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