Training For TransAm

March 24th I began a month long training process for bicycling the Adventure Cycling’s TransAm route self contained. This means I will be hauling camping gear and day to day “luggage” for living on a bicycle. One concession is that I will be eating in cafes, restaurants, fast food joints, and convenience stores  instead of hauling cooking gear.

The first week, so far, has been riding my regular 30 mile loop and fine tuning the bike set up, clothes and shoes sans panniers. Today, the sixth day, I finally dropped into the zone where it was all about the riding bless. No discomfort, pain or perceived effort.

Next week I will start anew with the panniers loaded and on the bike staying with the 30 mile loop and hopefully after five or six days the riding bless will return with the loaded bicycle.

The following week I’ll seek out some hills and extend the ride to around fifty miles. Then it will be time to pack up the bike and gear and ship it to the east coast.


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