Today’s thoughts on the TransAm

After 12 days on the trans am, at least my version of it, I can say I am okay with the way it is playing out. It is anything but physically easy for me and sometimes wonder if I should have done the Continental Divide backpacking instead. I am doing that much walking up these long grades.

I resolved that to walk at 2 mph is easier than grinding in granny at 3.5 mph. Can tell how steep the grade is with the effort to push bike. The real bad about pushing a bike is all the pedal bites you get.

If I had gone with the ACA tour I would have DNF by now. I could not do all the climbing and stay on schedule. I miss not having a riding partner but I would be difficult staying in sync riding like I am.

But with the routing I am doing, even at my slow pace, I am staying ahead of the ACA itinerary for now.




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