Things learned so far.

As I wait out a thunder storm I thought that I would note some things I have learned along the way.

Paper maps are almost extinct and gone with the pay phone. And the ones you find have little detail. Also last about five minutes in sweaty hands.

Weather prediction. No such thing for longer than 4 hours.

I have worn the same biking clothes so far. I wash them out daily or at most 3 days. I have one backup set.

I have shaved every day and used most anything to lather up.

Rails to Trails are not for cross country touring. One they are physically tiring. Two they are dirty and do the bike no good.

Camping is a PITA. Finding one that is open, accepts tents, has showers, wifi, cell service, electrical, water and food near is a crap shoot. Top it off with a lot of rain and storms then camping becomes plan B.

Walking your bike is a natural part of bicycle touring.
Hill is too steep or long. 3-4 mph versus 2 mph. Your legs appreciate the change of pace.

Where there are no shoulders (most all roads to this point), heavy traffic, and poor sight line I walk the bike.

I walk the bike through complex and heavy traffic intersections.

In towns, in the morning, I will ride sidewalks if they are available. Slowly, very slowly.

Going off the ACA route has been a mixed bag. I have cut considerable distance and untold thousands of feet of climbing. But I have also had to deal with some heavy, heavy traffic.

I started out thinking I would take lots of photos and post them as I went along. But then I thought I would write more too. In the end it has came down to priorities. Stopping to take pictures or getting down the road. Washing and drying clothes or writing.

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