I have been considering just the Droid Razr Maxx as my only electronic device.

It can serve as my camera using this holder and tripod.



As my GPS unit. I have also loaded CoPilot Live app with maps so that I can navigate without an internet connection. I also have converted the Adventure Cycling TransAmerica  GPX to the CoPilot format and loaded them on the phone as well.

Other apps I have loaded are AccuWeather and Camp and Tent for locating camping facilities.

The Google Nexus 7 tablet is still an option to take as it is better at website updating. It has a few more apps and it also has a “On The Go” USB hosting cable and SD card reader. It is wi-fi only but the phone has a hotspot capability for a wi fi connection.

I have had the phone for a while and really like it. Good battery life, nice pictures and it is some what weather proof. I have it an Otter Box Commuter case.


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