Portable Electrical Power Source

On the touring bike I have a Shimano dynamo hub and a B&M Luxos U Headlight with an USB output port. These are the devices needing power;

  • Garmin Vista HCx which is powered by 2 X AA batteries. It also the bike computer.
  • Black Diamond headlamp using 3XAAA
  • Canon camera using 2 X AA.
  • Cell phone
  • Rear bicycle light 2 X AAA

So what I need is a device that can charge AA/AAA eneLoop batteries and  in turn charge my cell phone. What I found was

I chose the PortaPow 3XAAA using  AA to AAA adapters as it is a new device this year and looks to have a better packaging and electronics than the older 4 X AA/AAA device. Additional it has a LED flashlight built in to it.

The Goal Zero appears to have superior packaging along with its superior price. But it needs to charge 4 batteries at a time.

So during the day I will run the Garmin Vista off of batteries and charge the PortaPow battery pack off of the hub dynamo. If A/C power is available I can use an USB charger to fill up the batteries and cell phone.

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