Day 44 Royal Gorge to Guffey 23 miles

Tough day as I had to walk up the big wall as the lack of oxygen is a real killer for me. 15 miles in I was resting on a rock in the shade when Bill from the Guffey Garage asked if I wanted a ride. At that point there was no other answer but “yes” and we loaded up his Camino with my bike and gear. If you don’t know who Bill is just do a journal seach on CrazyGuyOnABike and you will be enlightened. Arrived at the Garage and Bill gave me a cold one which really hit the spot at that point.

Everyone else was  way ahead of me so if not for the ride I would probably still be on the road. I am really hurting because I am not a great climber and the thin air is killing me. Hope tomorrow is a better day from that aspect.

Ate at Rita’s, another iconic place on the TransAm. We rented the Assay Office for tonight.

No cell service and doing the post at the nice Guffey Library.

Update about this segment. Theses images were cut from a RideWithGPS routing from Pueblo to Guffey. First there is almost a 4 thousand foot elevation gain over the course of two days. One possible mistake was taking a rest day in Pueblo or not taking a day off at the Royal Gorge to acclimatize at a higher elevation.

Second is the climb to Guffey has one wall that hits 10% for some distance. Too much for me to sustain on a bike climbing.

Mind you Mike at 78 of the 3 BOB’s pulled this entire segment off in one day and continues on. Pueblo-Guffey-2Pueblo-Guffey

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