Day 30 Clinton to Lacygne 60 miles

On the road at 7:00 am. Woke up to a flat so some delay get going. If you have to have a flat then fixing it in the motel room is pretty nice. Went ahead and patched the tube. Tire wire was the cause.
First 10 miles out of Clinton on 18 was flat and a tailwind too boot. Then it was rolling hills with a few topping out with steep peaks. About a mile from Kansas 18 dodges north and let’s Y run up a steep climb for a mile ending at the state line. It is then 3-4 miles of gravel before the road to Linn Valley Lakes road. All of this so I could find a members only RV park. It was scenic and saw a few deer too. But there was paved route that is a bit shorter to get to the “cabin” I ended up at.
Note: I stayed at Cabin Ridge. They have what they call cabins but they look like small houses and each one has two “cabins” Seems like they cater to workers and longer stays. I called and the manager said she had to leave but left a cabin open for me with the key. In the morning left the payment at the restaurant for the manager.

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