Day 3 Ashland KOA to Zion Crossroads 57 miles

Rained most of the night and things were such that the single wall tent had a lot of condensation. We didn’t leave the campground until 10 am trying to dry stuff out in the workout room.

Had a good conversation with Simon, Emily who is riding from Philly to Raleigh, John-Marie from Beligum who is doing the trans am solo and Ron in the workout room last night.

The ride today started and ended in the rain. Sometimes it was a hard downpour. Ron an I left the trans am and rode US 250 heading straight towards Charlottesville. Heavy traffic in a couple places, mostly no shoulders. But it was one hill after another. Some long, some steep, and others long and steep.Not many short and not steep.

Motel tonight to dry out and miss sleeping in heavy rain tonight.

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