Day 27 St. Charles to Hermann 65 miles.

Now I remember why I don’t like Rails to Trails. It can be a long ways to any sort of services. It was almost 35 miles before I found an open “cafe”. Luckily it was also where I sat out a thunderstorm. It was a real race to beat the rain the last 5 miles.
The trail was for the most part okay. A few down trees and places where it was littered with small sticks and branches. Then there were the soft surface stretches that were miserable. And then the few washboard areas.
The real killers for me were the washouts that I could not see in time to avoid.
Bike, panniers, and me are all covered in limestone mud!!
Looks like tomorrows weather more of the same. Hot, humid, windy and thunderstorms.
I am in a “motel” and am lucky as it is a weekend and things book up here. Otherwise I would be camping in thunderstorms tonight. Not sure how much I am going to get to see between rain sessions.

UPDATE Dinner and sightseeing squashed as we are under a tornado watch/warning for much of the night. Getting real heavy rains and winds. The Katy taking a big hit and will be miserable riding with downed trees and washouts. Tomorrow does not look any better rain and storm wise.
My options look like sit here another day and take to the roads or take the Amtrak Missouri River Runner to Sedalia. You can walk your bike on to that train.
The main issue is to get out of this weather junction as I don’t see things getting any better soon. If I can get west of here there may be hope.

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