Day 25 Belleville to St Charles 20 miles

Left the motel at 8:30 am to catch the Metro Link to Lambert Field. Was in Terminal 1 in about an hour having no problems with bike etc.
Took an elevator down one level to ticketing and farther along another elevator down one level to baggage claim.
Used exit 16 and followed “bus port” directions to parking exit. Turned left until that road became Natural Bridge which I followed until taking a left on Fee Fee. Followed Fee Fee until Dorsett. Right on to Dorset riding to its termination at Marine. Dive down Marine and exit into the park parking lot on the left.
Hop on the bike trail going clockwise around the lake. Follow signage to St. Charles.
If I had it to do over I would try to decrease the distance on Dorsett as it is in terrible condition and heavy traffic.

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