Day 24 Carbondale to Belleville 86 miles

I am almost embarrassed to post the ride. I knew I wanted to get to Belleview to catch the Metro-Link to the St Louis airport to get on the Katy. That meant going northwest from Carbondale. Some go on over west to Chester and then north. But I had a strong south wind so I took 51 north a ways and then county 8 over to 13 which cut NW to Belleview.
Over the 86 miles I had a 12.8 mph moving average.
So I had good tailwinds for the most part. And the roads were great too. If it were not for trains there would not have been as any hills to speak of.
In the Belleview Super 8 which is close to the Metro Link Station. It is great for the price.

From Belleview to Sebree is a simple route: Illinois 13 to Kentucky 56. That’s it.

Tomorrow I should be on the Katy.

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