Day 20 Elizabethtown to Rough River State Park

Left the motel at 7:15 am after the standard breakfast fare they offer. Leaving town on US 62 was a PITA as it was the main route to the high school on the edge of town. Rode the sidewalk all the way out. Once out of town the road was good for the next 10 miles with wide albeit dirty shoulder. Then it was back to the basic Kentucky two narrow lanes and rumble strips.

15 miles south on US 62 picked up the ACA Trans am and followed it the rest of the day. Coming into the park was tense with campers and boats streaming in for the weekend. The only camping space available had a three day minimum stay. So ended up staying in the lodge.

Today crossed over into CDT and rode 50 some miles. Weather was cloudy and very cool today. Some head winds but also tail winds. One tough river crossing! Could have used a towline on that sucker.

It is a 71 mile sprint to Sebree. Just might be too big of a jump for me. Considering 45 miles to Utica and then 25 miles to Sebree. From there 45 miles or so to Marion or 56 miles to Illinois.

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