Day 19 Danville to Elizabethtown 65 miles

Left motel at 7:15am heading west on US 150 to Bardstown. Great road with wide shoulder to Springfield. From there a 30″ shoulder of new asphalt with a 4″ to 18″ right hand drop off. Thread the needle. Heavy truck traffic both ways. White knuckle riding into Bardstown. Last half mile walked bike as it was wall to wall 18 wheelers.

Ate lunch at Cracker Barrel in Bardstown and decided to try and beat the afternoon t-storm riding to Elizabethtown. Picked up US 62 which parallels the parkway. US 62 is a good and quite ride.

Then the “end of day hill.” I first learned about it at the Dollar General store 13 miles out. Cashier/manager/clerk and I were talking about the storm forming out west and I mentioned trying to beat it to Elizabethtown. She said I should be okay but there was one big hill on the way.

Somehow I figured I would climb the hill and then roll down into Elizabethtown. No, once the hill started there was ┬ánone of this “roll into town.” The town is up on “the” hill. Wind did kick up real heavy the last few miles.

The last couple miles it started sprinkling rain and just beat the downpour.

Overall the best riding day yet. Cloudy, cool and some good roads to ride. Wind seemed tolerable most of the day.

Tomorrow I am staying with US 62 down to Beaver Dam Hartford. About 61 miles. Hard to work in the ACA route. It would take a 91 mile day to sync up.

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