Day 17 Berea to Danville 32 miles

Last might Phil, an RVer, stopped over and invited me to coffee at 6 am. Phil and Jan are from Texas and he is a retired truck driver and she a retired teacher. They are now a full time RV’ers. Phil had grown up around the Richmond area. Interestingly Phil had also worked for IBM prior to driving big rigs.

Earlier I met Jack, a traveling minister, who kindly gave me some detergent for laundry. Had an interesting story to hear.

After coffee, muffin and roll I broke camp and headed west towards Danville and a bike shop. It was like I took a night train to a different country. Riding more like Iowa than the mountain and hills of the last three weeks. My only issue was not stopping and eating on the ride.

Weather is still hot and humid but lest so in both cases. Wind was up with 18 mph gusts out of the SSW which was a quartering or cross wind most of the time.

The route was good to fantastic up to Lancaster then it was a narrow road with heavy traffic flow both directions. Kentucky do like its rumble strips for the white line and shoulders. About half the distance the ACA route takes to get the same distance west.

Found the bike shop and the owner and son did the trans am. New handle bar wrap and a chain with a general checkup. While that was being done ate lunch and checked the weather. Looked like T-Sorms this afternoon and all day tomorrow.

Decided to hunker down for a day and then do a quick dash down the road before the next larger cell moves through.





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