Day 14 Clintwood to Hazard 53 miles(?)

Jarvis picked me up at 7:30 am and drove me 11 miles over to US 23 & 119. Rode 119 to 15 then on into Hazard, KY. 15 was one of the best and worst rides so far. 4 foot shoulders and then just rumble strips. For the first time I walked not because of the grade but heavy traffic and narrow road due to rumble strips.

I hope I don’t have to climb back up what I came down today. Except for two or three hills it was downhill most of the day. I would not take this route west to east. It would be a full day of constant climbing. Some pretty steep long stuff too.

Weather started off with light rain but had stopped by the time I started riding. 10 miles later it was beginning to rain and by chance the golden arches appeared. It ha quit by the time I had finished the coffee.

Coming into Hazard again it started to rain and once again the golden arches appeared in the nick of time.

What looked like a raining forecast turned out to be a cloudy humid day.

I am staying at the Combs Motel, a local business, instead of a chain motel tonight. It is a good value albeit it has lot of road noise. This is the great thing about a smartphone, you can look at the reviews of everything in the area.

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