Day 12 Glade Spring to Haysi 56 miles

Out the door and on road by 7 am. Knew I had a long day of walking ahead. Hayter’s Gap and “A” mountain were the goal for the day. By the time I got through Honaker I was a whipped pup. Walking up “A” Mountain I came across a garage / service station. Three guys were working there and I told them I needed a lift over “A”. Bobby said he would do it and proceeded to put the bike in his pickup. No problem. Bobby was great to listen to on the drive up.

From the top of “A” it is pretty much a down hill drop to Haysi. My problem was there was no where to stay in Haysi. To camp meant riding on to the Breaks. I stopped a couple miles short of Haysi at Birchleaf grocery and asked about places to camp. That is when I was directed to the pastor for the church just across the street up a short sharp hill. I spent the night sleeping in the basement with kitchen and restrooms.

At Davenport talked to a couple of locals and one recommended taking 83 outside of Haysi down to Clintwood where there were motels, about 20-30 miles. From there ride to Hazard Kentucky and pick up the trans am. That roughly parallels an alternate From Elkhorn City to Hazard that I planned to do.

From Birchleaf to Hazard it is about 77 miles via the 83 alternate. So a short day would bring Hazard down to a reasonable distance for me.





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