Day 11 Wytheville to Glade Spring 45 miles

I knew I was in for a brutal day just out of the motel and into the climb for city center ( always atop the highest hill) and the wind hit me square in the face. That was the story of the day, 11-14 mph wind with gusts 18 -22 mph. Although it seemed like a 18-22 mph wind with dwells of 11-14 mph. Just saying.

But still riding in that is better than moping about in a motel room. I had set the goal for this location as it is about the last motel option before turning towards Kentucky. Tomorrow will be a short mileage day too, about 40-45 miles. Big walking climb of about 3 miles. I think Haysi is the target.

Weather forecast for rain and T-storms. My friend, the wind, will be there right out of the west.

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