Day 10 Radford to Wytheville 38 miles.

Had great hopes today of getting to Marion at 57 miles. Followed 76 most of the day with lots of steep little hills with a big one tossed in the mix now and then. Around noon the wind came up and as I was shutting down had 16 mph gusts. Wind is SSW. Bet you can’t tell me which way I am going:(

It is an ordeal each day to see where you can get to and where to stay. Camping is first chose but not far off route. KOA’s are nice but expensive and not much cheaper than the “budget” motels.

Camping always involves food logistics too. Tonight I am at the Budget Host and it is much like last nights stay. Again very adequate. Waffle House and Cracker Barrel near by.

Hoping to see the hounds of Kentucky soon.

Did stop at the Draper Mercantile Store and the Junction bike shop. Nice place but Tom Hash was off today.

Parted ways with 76 to dive straight into Wytheville and the motel. Will pick it up again in Meadowview in a day or so. Till then I am back on US 11.

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