Cycle Utah 2012

My camera crapped out on me so I don’t have many pictures.

Overall it was a good, but hard trip for me. I drove up from Phoenix to St. George, Utah in a rented HHR as I had done for the Big Bend tour. It was about an eight hour drive.

Our first day out was a killer 40 miler. There were some steep rollers but we had 50 mph gusts head on most of the way as we went from St. George to Springdale, Utah just outside Zion Park.

The second day we rode 62 miles through Zion Park to Hatch, Utah. Got to climb switchbacks up to the tunnels where we were shuttled through.

Zion Switchbacks

This is the campground at Hatch.


From Hatch we had a short 25 miles with a couple thousand feet of climb in Red Rock Canyon to Ruby’s Inn outside Bryce Canyon.


Red Rock Canyon Bike Trail


From Ruby’s Inn we got to ride 25 miles back down Red Rock Canyon to Panguitch. This was basically a rest day.


Next we rode from Panguitch to Cedar City for 62 miles. Right out of the campground we rode from 6,000+ to 10,000+ feet over a thirty mile climb.

Here I finally crapped out after 18 miles of climbing and sagged to the top.



Cedar Breaks


After the summit we had 13% grades down for about 13 miles. I prayed all the way down that my brakes held and I didn’t blown a tire.


At the bottom temperatures went up and we had a hot dry wind in the face ride into Cedar City. That last part was much worst then the climb up.


The last day we had a 63 mile ride back down to St. George. I and several others optioned to take I-15 back to St. George for some 35 miles. That was a blast as there was only one long 6% pull for a mile or so but had a lot of fast long drops of about 4000 feet total.

Most of the shoulder was butter smooth new asphalt.


I overnighted in St. George until 4:00 am then I drove back to Phoenix.


This is the Adventure Cycling tour write up


The group (73 actual) was mostly baby boomers. I was the oldest and least “cyclist.” Several from San Deigo and the rest of California. There were three or four tandems that really rocked but no bents or trikes.