Getting To and From Big Bend

Looked at several options of getting to the start and end of the Big Bend tour.  The least complex and cheapest is to drive from Scottsdale to Balmorhea and back. It is about 625 miles one way. One long day’s drive or two short days drive. Total of around 1300 miles. Estimated cost $500. Car rental of $300.00 plus gas $200.00.

I went to Enterprise for an Economy car rental for a couple of reasons. First fuel economy and second it will be sitting in Balmorhea for a few days and it shouldn’t be a high value target.

Our meet up will be in Balmorhea (bal-mur-RAY) State Park a very interesting place unto its self. Probably well worth a day looking around at the springs.

Balmorhea State Park

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