Presidio to Marfa

Saturday November 10, 2012

Last night we ate at a great restaurant in downtown Presidio and stayed at the Three Palms Motel. That is where we had stayed earlier this spring. In the morning we ate breakfast at the cafe next door to the motel.

Bill and I were out at first light as it would be a long grind climb back to Marfa. Several riders decided to sag in today so we didn’t have many that passed us as we rode north with a light wind at our backs. Coming out of Shafter we had a tough crawl up but once past that the wind begin to pick up at our back with increasing velocity. Shortly I was sweep up by Dave and at mile 33 we had a water stop where I decided to sag on in because of butt issues. We waited over an hour more for Melissa and Joshua to come in to the water stop so we could leave for Marfa.

Those that continued on in had a hard tail wind that pushed them into Marfa before the van even left the water stop.

I had reservations at the Paisano Hotel and Terry, Gary, and Ravi also took rooms there too.

Paisanso Hotel

My room had the large balcony with an European style en-suite (tiny shower) bathroom.  The staff at he hotel was remarkably friendly and helpful. A very nice stay.

That evening we had the “Last Supper” at a Mexican Restaurant where Suzy showed her fabulous drawings and water colors to us.

Suzy’s Big Bend Tour Gallery

Last Supper

Above Douglas doing the MC’ing thanking Dave and Tammy for the great tour. Suzy is to Douglas’s left and was the stoker for the tandem team that lead the tour in speed and climbing. Douglas took the high score for flats. Hal, on the far right front, rode every inch and probably hiked as much. Iron man Hal.

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