I was notified August 17 that a slot had opened up for the November 3 ACA Big Bend 2012 tour. That gave me less than 3 months to get the old body prep’ed for it. While I had completed the Cycle Utah ride in early June and done some fully loaded touring in Big Bend late April I knew I wanted to ramp up the climbing.

I began riding more each week and started going after more climbing. Now I know I will never be a great climber as I just weight too much but nonetheless any improvement would be welcomed. During that period I rode around 1,000 miles with an average of 32 miles per ride and an average of 800 feet of climbing.

The last month however I rode 600 miles and added a lot more climbing. Each week I did a 60 mile and 2,000+ feet of climbing ride and the rest were 30, 40, and 50 mile rides.

I wish I had had the time to also lose more weight before I rampping up the climbing and riding. But it was a trade off, lose weight and muscle, or keep the weight and build muscle to haul it in the time frame I had.