Lajitas to Presidio

Friday November 9, 2012

For me this segment was the creme-de-la-creme segment of the ride and the one I really looked forward to.

This was up front known to be a tough segment with “The Big Hill” as it is known and many sharp rollers through out out its length. The option of sagging to the top of Big Hill was given and some choose that. But I felt some of the best views came before Big Hill and that I would just walk it instead of missing the lead up to it.

Bill and I were out early and rode out to the Bill Hill.

River View

Movie set


Movie set

Bill meets the Rio Grande

Rio Grande

Big Hill Part I

Big Hill Part II

After the Teepees the Big Hill begins and that is also where I begin the long hike-the-bike up the Big Hill. At the top of Big Hill we meet up with the van and Tammy rode with us on into Presidio.


All said and done it was a great ride albeit hard.

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