Marathon to Stillwell Ranch

Monday November 5, 2012  +636 feet

In the morning I packed up and rode the bike back to the campground and dropped off my overnight pannier. Then I rode back to a cafe and had breakfast before leaving Marathon.

Next I stopped where 67 and 90 split and we had stopped in the spring. We had then meet up with Dedra and John(?) then who we had met at Chisos basin. Went on through the border stop and paused a bit at the roadside tables.

The “horses”

“250 million years ago, give or take a few millennial  the South American tectonic plate crashed into the North American plate. The smoothly bedded horizontal limestone under the Paleozoic sea were placed under immense stress in the collision: uplifted, twisted, metamorphosed. These events formed the Appalachian and Ouachita mountains of the eastern US. Rocks from this period are exposed in the Marathon Basin in an easily identifiable formation know as los Caballos (the horses). Look for them driving south on US 385 from Marathon towards Big Bend National Park. Traces of this ancient formation are also exposed in the remote Solitario in Big Bend Ranch State Park, and in an obscure road cut on US 118, about 40 miles south of Alpine.”

I made it to the turnoff to Stillwell RV which was a rolling downhill for six miles. Right before Stillwells there was a butt kicking steep bump in the road. Coming upon it I saw a four to five foot snake scoot across the road in front of me. Earlier I had saw a couple of javelina families along the road as well.

I was the first one in this morning and even beat the van in too. Dave had to take John back to Alpine as he was not feeling well and had to leave us.

Stillwell Store

The Stillwell store and RV campground was okay but the tent camping didn’t look too appealing to me. For $65.00 I rented the  “Rockwood” RV.

RV Rockwood

The real reason I rented the RV though was to get as early start as I could on the next day without having to break camp and pack up. The segment to Chisos Basin was a daunting one. Not only a fair distance, 45 miles, but a long and sometimes steep grind up to the basin.

Stillwell cookout

In the above picture Melissa, Dave, Tammy, Gary, and Douglas do the gluten free cookout. Melissa has a gluten issue and so does Douglas too but to a much lesser degree.

Melissa made Joshua a fruit bouquet for his birthday that we all shared.



Bottle Tree

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