Fort Davis to Marathon

Sunday November 4, 2012

I was up and out on the road early the next morning had and excellent ride. Between Fort Davis and Alpine we hit a stretch of asphalt that was butter smooth. Absolutely great riding.

Doesn’t Get Much Better

Rode through Alpine passed where we rented a car in the spring. Stopped at the Dairy Queen but it had not opened yet. Waiting were a bunch of RV’ers pulling quads but none looked like they needed a DQ and had had a couple too many already. So I pulled out headed on down the road without getting in their way.

The ride into Marathon was nice. I picked up my overnight pannier and left the camping gear in the trailer. I had reservations at the Gage Hotel which is a “destination hotel” and my room had the facilities “down the hall.” It was a nice stay though.

For the ritual “map meeting” I rode my bike back a half a mile or so and while waiting for the meeting it rained hard. Luckily I had brought my rain jacket so I didn’t get too wet. After the meeting though I had to walk back to the hotel in the dark.

Gage Hotel

I ended the evening in the White Bear bar next to the hotel listening and watching the locals. It was packed so there was plenty of entertainment.

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