El Paso to Fort Davis

Saturday November 3, 2012

On Friday November 2 I had flown from Phoenix to El Paso and stayed at the Hyatt Airport Hotel. I carried the bike in  an Iron Case bike box for $50.00 on Southwest airline and could store the case at the hotel. The Hotel had an on call shuttle service for the trip from the airport to the hotel. All said the Hyatt was a great place to start the tour.

The next morning we loaded the bikes on the van and place our luggage in the trailer and headed out for Fort Davis.

Van day 1

Van and tour leaders Dave and Tammy

The ride was uneventful with a brief stop in Van Horn. On the way into Fort Davis we ran in to some rain and sleet.


Ran and Sleet

We stayed at a cottage campground where two to a room with a screen door and the facilities were “down the porch way.” We meet up with those who had chosen to drive in and had our first group meeting. There were the two leaders, Dave and Tammy, Ken and Suzy-Colorado (tandem), John-Chicago, Bill-New Orleans, Tom-Spokane, Terry-Iowa, Douglas-Berkeley, Gary-Baltimore, Ravi-Long Island, Hal-Boston, and Melissa & Joshua- Missoula. (I never quite understood what Melissa and Joshua roles were as Melissa works for ACA and Joshua also works/contracts for ACA.)

Except for Melissa and Joshua the participants were probably in their late 50’s to late 60’s with myself at 74 probably being the oldest.

Where we stayed had an great little store with some excellent coffee and fresh homemade bakery.

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