Cottonwood To Lajitas

Thursday November 8, 2012

The Cottonwood campground was very nice but without showers. There is a small camp store in old Castolon however.

The ride to Lajitas is back over the same road we came in the previous day which has some 7-8% climbs back up and out. I elected to take a rest day and ride the van all day as I really wanted to be rested up for the FM 170 River Road ride the next day.

Some elected to sag back up to the Sotol overlook and start their ride there to Lajitas. Some choose to do the whole segment however and rode the entire segment.

Before heading to Lajitas the sag group drove to the Santa Elena Canyon overlook.

Santa Elena Canyon

Tom Bill Gary Ravi

The Maverick Campground in Lajitas was well laid out and well taken care of with a laundry-showers-lounge-pool complex.

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