Chisos Basin to Cottonwood

Wednesday November 7, 2012

In the morning we packed up and had breakfast at the lodge. Learned that Obama had been re-elected as we did not stay up the night before to find out the election results.  At 8:00 am Tammy picked us up and drove us back down to the campground where we loaded the trailer and bikes for the others that were to be sagged out of the basin.

It was about a 50/50 split between those who sagged out of the basin and those who biked out. Those of us that sagged out where dropped near the top of the basin and we coasted back out to the highway. Those that biked out of the basin had a mile or so crawl up and over the basin wall.

After the turn onto the Cottonwood campground turn off it was a long climb up to the Sotol overlook with a couple of steep bumps in the road to hike-the-bike over. coming onto the second bump I had my one flat tire for the tour.

Sotol View

In the picture above you can see the notch which is Santa Elena Canyon.

The Maxwell Ross road to the Cottonwood campground has great views and for me the second most favorite segment of the ride.

The Window from the outside


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