Big Bend Fall 2012

The 2012 spring Big Bend Tour had left a taste for more of the Big Bend area and had an “itch to scratch” which was to bike the FM 170 River Road that we had missed in the spring. Before our spring tour I had signed on to the  ACA Big Bend Loop II wait list just in case we did not get to go. Luckily a slot did opened up and I grabbed it so I could get rid of that itch.

The Big Bend area first of all is big! And at your first glance barren, real barren and seemly much sameness. But there are subtle differences here and there. You develop an appreciation for what lives there has a certain amount of “grit” and toughness to deal with that environment. And then there are the jewels sprinkled here and there that spring from the remoteness to awe you. Be they natural or man made.

It is something to behold riding in the solitude with nothing more than a bird or two to interrupt you thoughts in hum of the chip seal then suddenly a couple of B1-B coursing through the hills like big iron darts. Then just as suddenly the silence returns.

It is a road bike ride at its best with great roads and views. While the weather was a bit warm a couple of days it was much better than what we had experienced in the spring and the winds were generally favorable.

Tour Overview


  1. Sat 3  van shuttle from El Paso  to Fort Davis
  2. Sun 4 Fort Davis to Marathon via Alpine.
  3. Mon 5 Marathon to Stillwell Ranch RV outside of Big Bend National Park.
  4. Tue 6  Stillwell to Chisos Basin in the Big Bend National Park.
  5. Wed 7 Chisos Basin to Cottonwood/Castolon along the Ross Maxwell Road
  6. Thur 8 Cottonwood to Lajitas Resort Maverick RV campground.
  7. Fri 9 Lajitas to Presidio.
  8. Sat 10 Presidio to Marfa.
  9. Sun 11 Shuttle from Marfa to El Paso via Fort Davis.

Links for more information

El Paso to Fort Davis >>