April 26 2012 Marathon To Alpine

We got our earliest start this day in the cool of the morning and had a most pleasant ride into Alpine.

Harpo and the lonely Yucca on the road to Alpine

Mommy and child century plant

Outside of Alpine at the junction of 90 and 67 Dedra and Johnny stopped to say hi.

Dedra and Johnny

We had met and visited with them at the Lodge in the basin a couple of times. They have just returned from the Netherlands to Houston. Johnny is trying to figure out whether to retire or not. They are on their way to Scottsdale to play some golf. Unlike us they had stayed at the Gage last night.

Junction rest area outside Alpine


We rode into Alpine and rented a car. We left the bikes and gear at the rental place while we drove up to Balmorhea to pick up the HHR and Harpos Tacoma. It was a good ride with great scenery up and back.

Balmorhea pool now filled

I bid farewell to Spoon and Harpo as they were off to the Fort Davis Observatory before heading back. I drove to Alpine and loaded up the bike and gear and headed out.

With a days bike riding and all I only made it to Lordsburg, NM before calling it quits for the day. The next day with an early start I cruised into Scottsdale by 9 am.

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