April 25 2012 Chisos Basin To Marathon

Getting out of the basin was much like coming in except the reverse. The end point for the day was Marathon some 91 miles north. Original plans called for a tote up out of the basin and down to Panther Junction, Park Headquarters. Thus eliminating the steep climb and narrow winding road in the park. The plan then called for a two day march to Marathon wild camping one night en route without any services. We needed to carry lots of water for this two day slog.

But after our Marfa to Presidio ride in the heat that original plan was much less appealing. Having to spend two long days in the heat and wind climbing back up to Marathon from Panther Junction. Once again it was off to solicit a ride out of the basin and hopefully beyond.

Asking around we were directed to seek out “Danny” at the Lodge registration office. It turns out Danny is the General Manager for the Forever Resorts who run the lodge and stores in Big Bend National Park. Danny agreed to take us out to Persimmon Gap, the north park entrance when ever we were ready. So now the plan was to do a force march from Persimmon Gap up to Marathon in one day. A very hot 50 mile run as it turned out to be. Loaded to the gills with all the water we could haul.

Danny coming to pick us up

Harpo leaving Big Bend Park

Spoon leaving Big Bend Park

Today Spoon was plagued with his new tire not holding air. We are not sure what caused the problem. It could been the motorcycle group that Spoon found that had an electrical air pump they used to pump the tire up. They were not very gentle in handling the tire in the process. It could also have been a pinch from tire-rim-tube misfit. Anyway it was a pain for Spoon as low pressure tires have a way of wearing you down. As bad as a dragging brake.

Punping the "new" tire

THE rest area

Afternoon nap

About 5 miles out we stopped at a Border checkpoint. It had the only shade and trees for miles. Doesn’t seem any of us were inclined to take a picture.

Marathon at last

In Marathon we tried the Gage Hotel but it was little too rich for us. We moved on down to a  motel which was on the extreme other end of accommodations.  But the shower worked.

After we cleaned up and had dinner Harpo took me out to Goat Hill and the hostel. Eclectic scene with a collection of free spirit hippies and buildings.

Ingrid showing off the solar water heater

Happy clams

Hostel entrance sign

Back at the motel Spoon changed out the tube and sure enough the old tube had a leak at the base of the stem.

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