April 23 2012 Presidio To Chisos Basin

This segment from Presidio to Study Butte was planned as a very tough 51 miles without services over two hard stages and wild camping one night. That meant carrying enough water for two days over some very hilly roads. In retrospect I don’t think I could have done it in three days given the hills and heat.

However plans changed. Coming into Presidio it was noticed that Spoon had a wobbly rear tire on his bent. I thought that it was a loose spoke that could be tweaked before we left the next morning. Well the next morning the “loose spoke” turned out to be tread separation and the tire had to be replaced.

Bad news

There would not be the early start we needed. We wait for the local “walmart” to open so Spoon could get a new tire.

Here comes the new tire

Installing the new BIG tire

In the process of re installing the wheel we pulled out a disc brake pad. Great! None of us had any experience with disc brakes and we proceeded to enjoy the “on the job” learning how to install disc brake pads. Correctly.


Fixing the disc brake

After much twiddling we got the disc brake working again. The bad news was we had a very late start and the heat was coming on strong with some very hard riding in front of us.

At that point we all agreed that it would be prudent to catch a ride in to at least Study Butte and better yet on into Chisos Basin. The plan had always been to get a ride into Chisos Basin anyway because of the steep climb into and out of it on a very curvy and no shoulder park roads. So Spoon went over to the eating place to solicit a ride.

Alberto became the man of the day.

Loading Alberto's pickup

Alberto probably had the only non-extended cab pickup in Texas so Harpo rode with the bikes in the truck bed for the first segment. I was next up and found it the best place to ride and take pictures and rode the rest of the way in.

Alberto supervising the changing of the guard

Riding shotgun

However Spoon and Harpo got to hear Alberto’s stories of the area and his family which were both entertaining and informative.

Rio Grande

View from the back


The "Hill"

This is the steepest grade maintained by Texas!

At The Movie Set

Movie Set

Alberto "the man"

Study Butte Lunch

The basin

Harry's basin home

Harpo & Spoon's place

For the record Harpo did not pitch a tent. Instead he slept on the table. He also experienced the only flying sleeping pad incident when the wind freed it from the rocks holding it down. Scott the next door neighbor had rescued it but before we knew that the whole campground was looking for it and Harpo had bought a cheap replacement. Harpo one lucky camper.

The Window from the Lodge

Chisos Basin Lodge

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