April 21 2012 Fort Davis To Marfa

After breakfast at the lodge restaurant we headed out for Marfa.

On the way we stopped at the Fort Davis National Monument where Harry and Harpo toured the buildings. Spoon had already see the fort many times and pedaled on into Fort Davis proper.

Parade Ground


Fort Davis Harpo

After the Fort Davis NM Harpo and Harry met up with Spoon in Fort Davis for some lunch and fudge.

We stopped at the Marfa airport to see if we could get a glider ride but the wind was too choppy.

Cooling it at the Marfa Airport

Behind us is Cliff’s girl friend and her kids. We had not met Cliff at this time as he was up in a glider. When Cliff did land he and Spoon had a long discussion about planes and gliders.

Later we would see Cliff in Marfa as he was staying at the Piasano hotel. We tried to get a room there but it was booked solid.

Marfa Courthouse

In Front of the Piasano Hotel

Spoon led us to Felipe’s who is a county¬†commissioner and has a trailer park and “campground.”

Felipe's Campground Marfa

Spoon's and Harry's tents

Felipe loaned his truck so we could run out and see the Marfa lights that night. All in all it was a great place to stay. Good showers and the price was right; $10.00 each.

Marfa Lights Viewing Area

As for the Marfa Lights, well we saw some lights….


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