April 20 2012 Balmorhea To Fort Davis

In the morning we packed up and drove the HHR into town for breakfast. After talking to the park ranger who told us where we could leave the cars we parked the vehicles and then pedaled out of the park towards Fort Davis.

Harpo Spoon Harry

Road to Fort Davis

A Rest stop


Spoon and Harry

Bents uphill Spoon Harpo

Spoon and Wild Rose Pass

Harpo and Wild Rose Pass

Flowers at the pass

The other side of the pass Harpo lost his flags on the way down. He had the pleasure of climbing both sides of the pass today:)

Bike Hiking

Fort Davis Campsite

That night we had a herd of Javelinas move through this site. Spoon heard nothing but Harpo was ready to sleep with them in his “modified” open air tent.

We isolated Harpo


Spoon talking to neighbors

The Javelinas opened their food chest and got a potato!  Nice couple to talk to.

That night we walked up to the lodge and had dinner and were able to get cell service.

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