Cross in 70-80 days.

June, July, August.

Ride everyday with short days versus rest days, weather permitting.

On road before sun up. Off road two hours before sun down. Get 6-10 hours riding.

Shooting to campĀ 100% just for grins.

Haircut every two weeks.


  • Get up half hour before sun rise.
  • eat oatmeal and drink coffee
  • drink 32 oz Gatorade
  • pack
  • start riding before sunrise. Hot days use bike lights
  • ride to breakfast
  • hourly breaks with snacks (snickers, granola bars, fig newtons)
  • mid day lunch and long break.
  • late afternoon meal of the day from restaurant or grocery store.
  • camp
  • cleanup, toilet constitution
  • charge electronics
  • call home and do journal