2016 Trans Am

I want to complete the Trans Am from Astoria to Pueblo in 2016.

NOTE: It would be really cool, but a stretch do go all the way to Yorktown. The whole nine yards. 

2013 I did Yorktown to Guffey before altitude stopped me in my tracks. I’m thinking of starting in Portland and riding to Astoria to start the Trans Am west to east back to Pueblo.

This time I want to camp as much as possible and follow the ACA Trans Am route closely. Its a game of route following and trying to camp all the way.

So at this age, 78 in 2016,  there are numerous issues to contain and avoid. I’m pretty certain I can do it mentally and physically I can be in shape. Altitude wise I have questions about handling it. The plan is to start out with short days and hope over time I can adjust.

Since the first of 2015 I have started riding 35-40 miles two to three times a week with some climbing on the rides. I want to keep that up and start pushing 50 mile rides. Besides developing strength there is a need to toughen my feet up and lose some weight.