2015 Tour

Been kicking around another “epic” bicycle tour. First thought was flying to Oregon and riding back to Pueblo Colorado finishing the Transamerica route. But that has little appeal as I have almost always vacationed in the west. And I don’t know if I am up to a fully loaded tour, psychologically, for 2000 miles.

This past 12 months has been a bit hellish healthwise and finally have everything resolved it seems for now. Been riding stronger than ever and it just seems right to do another longish tour. Adventure Cycling has an Atlantic Coast van supported tour that seems very appealing. 61 days starting in Key West and riding to the Canadian border, some 2,800 miles. 13 riders, if they fill, and two “leaders.” Still kicking the tires on this one.

I have never been to the Keys but have been to most states and lived in a couple, North Carolina and New York. Have not been to Maine though. Lots of interesting history to travel though.

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