Delicate Arch

Morning hike goal Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. I found it fairly strenuous 3 mile hike up and back as I had not walked that kind of terrain or distance for two to three years due to foot problems. It was worth the effort. Most interesting was the Asian lady with a silk dress, slippers and parasol nonchalantly viewing the arch with nary a drop of sweat showing.


Event Manager and WP FullCalendar

I want to implement a bike ride event calendar for and have been working with the Events Manager plugin and it’s companion plugin WP FullCalendar. Together they’ll make a nice event management facility.

However since I have been using the javascript FullCalendar in other projects I noticed that the WP FullCalendar plugin was still using the older version of FullCalendar. The latest version of FullCalendar solves a lot of issues that the older version had and altogether is a much nicer and cleaner implementation.

So I set out to upgrade the WP FullCalendar to use FullCalendar version 2.1.1 and in the process eliminated the need for handling “too many events” and localization outside of FullCalendar. And I upgraded the jQuery.qtips  to version 2.

Added the option to show the Google Holiday calendar feed using FullCalendar’s gcal.js.

Da Brim

In Paradise in Sunday best.


Note this post was made via my IBS-Mail plugin from an email sharing the photo taken and sent my Droid Maxx smartphone

Dreamy Draw

Today rode over Dreamy Draw,

  1. down 19th Street to Campbell,
  2. on to Orange Cafe at Campbell and 40th,
  3. Lafayette to 66th,

and finally on home for a 29 mile ride.

[ibs-map width=600px height=600px title=”Dreamy Draw Ride” url=””]

New WordPress map viewer

Completing this development cycle is the implementation of a new WordPress map viewer plugin.

This example the map to view has been defined in the shortcode;

[ibs-map width=600px height=800px title=”” url=””]


This example is for a general purpose map viewer where the user loads the map file to be viewed.

[ibs-map width=800px height=600px title=”” url=””]


IBS-Map Updated

Development of IBS-Map involved removing a fair amount of logic and functionality from the original source. The resulting user interface of the new IBS-Map was more appealing to me and I was motivated to to restore much of the logic and features that had been removed.

IBS-Map is still a single map file where other map files can be imported and added. With this approach the ability to copy and paste across multiple map files is lost but the user interface is much simpler.

The next step is to re-develop the WordPress map viewer as its own discrete package.

Getting ready for Utah 2014

Added another bicycle tour, Utah 2014, where I’ll be providing support rather than riding. (see Utah 2014)

It looks like it will be mostly a camping trip, for me, as there are campgrounds except for the Hanksville stop.

It also looks like there are plenty of restaurants and cafes as not to worry about getting meals. Maybe a couple of exceptions.