Big Bend Bicycle Tour

The Big Bend bicycle tour is on for April 18th starting and ending at Balmohera, Texas.

I will be renting a car and driving some 620 miles to meet up with a 70 and a 77 year old fellow bicyclist tourists. We will be headed to

  • Fort Davis
  • Marfa
  • Presideo
  • Study Butte
  • Big Bend Park
  • Alpine

on a self supported tour which means we are “full loaded” with camping gear.

This is to be a very “relaxed” tour smelling the roses.

Card-Stripe Plugin Update

Have added the option to email the payer with a message set up in the Admin Settings. If there is an email address and an email message it is sent to the payer.

The email message can utilize these optional place holders

  • %name name as entered
  • %amount 
  • %card displays card type Visa Master Card etc as sent back by Stripe
  • %last4 last four digits of the card number as sent back by Stripe

This concludes the development of Card-Stripe for the immediate future.




Journal-Posts Plugin

Developing Journal-Posts plugin so the user can navigate a category in ascending date order. This is the opposite order of a blog view which shows the latest post first.

The example is a travel journal where the daily posts are shown in blog order so everyone can easily keep posted on the current events. However if someone wanted to read about the adventure beging on  day 1 than having a page that showed the “journal”  with the oldest post first is what is desired, just like a book would be written.

The plugin does not modify any post or page nor does it create any database storage. Based on the category the posts are queried in the right order and a table of content is built for the category in the ascending date order.

Then post are displayed on the current page using ajax so there is no page refresh. Navigation for “First Prior Next Last” is also displayed.

The shortcode is “[[journal category=some-category-name]]”


Card-Stripe Plugin

The Card-Stripe plugin is a cloned version of the WP-Stripe plugin

WP-Stripe is targeted to donations and Card-Stripe is oriented to organizational dues and purchases. Subsequently the base WP-Stripe code, which largely followed  the examples, has been substantially revised.

A number of fields have been added.

  • Amount required with an optional default value and optionally read only.
  • Name required.
  • Address 1 required.
  • Address 2 optional.
  • City required default value option.
  • State required default value option.
  • Zip Code required default value option.
  • Email optionally required.

The entire charge process was reprogrammed for JavaScript and jQuery ajax processing.

The JavaScript was moved to the  “..\includes\js\card-ajax.js  file.

WP-Stripe used WordPress post transactions with meta fields to store charge transactions. Card-Stripe instead uses charge history data for listing current transactions.

WP-Stripe had a widget for displaying donations. Card-Stripe does not carry forward the widget. Instead Card-Stripe added an attribute to the shortcode to list the current transactions on a page or post. [[card-stripe list=50]]

Card-Stripe continues to be developed and tested. You can try it by visiting the Card Stripe Plugin page on this web site.