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  1. Harry,
    re: •Garmin Vista HCx which is powered by 2 X AA batteries. It also the bike computer.
    •Black Diamond headlamp using 3XAAA
    •Canon camera using 2 X AA.
    •Cell phone
    •Rear bicycle light 2 X AAA

    Do you really plan to have this equipment on your bike in NM?


  2. Harry, your build looks great. I talked to LBS about doing that hub for me but it was adding up $ quickly. Might just get a better light/batteries. Starting to make more specific plans on getting to Yorktown. Need to find a motel for a night. Going to brother’s in DC first, shipping bike.
    Your computer language looks like Greek to me! Have been looking at mapping.
    The Perry, IA Brrrr Ride is first Sat. In Feb. if you need a cool-down ride although we seem to go from 50 to -10 deg. every 2-3 days. It might be warm and sunny.

  3. Harry, that is one class A touring rig. Love the light bling. You must be planning to ride night and sleep day. Does have it’s benefits long as you’ve got a cold room motel.

    I know where to go now should I decide to high tech light the path. Publish the 1,2,3 how to here on your blog.

    Me, Spoon, and Oren will have to settle for ride day, sleep night in KS. Still time for you to pack up and join us.

    • Harpo the main reason was to have juice to keep my Garmin 500 and cellphone alive. No matter where I ride and camp the issue of keeping things running is always an issue to deal with.
      I would have ridden more in the early morning if I had had a decent light. Best time to beat the heat and wind. To me there is nothing quite like riding in to the day as the night creatures go to bed and the becomes alive.

  4. Harry, all that talk about max heart rate and speeding around the desert is intimidating for 12 mph Harpo. Maybe I can keep up with you for a few minutes on the swb. We’ll see.

    FWIW, not much really, respiratory rate is said to be a more reliable indicator of calorie burn than heart rate. At the gym, I’m breathing fast and sweating at 120 bpm. I guess with practice I could up that to 140 briefly, but damn, that’s too much work.

  5. Harry,
    Interesting what you are setting up, I will be interested in how that handle bar works. My little fingers are still numb and left hand was quite bad coming into Astoria. Ulnar nerve it sounds like. Two friends bought touring bikes after watching the posts and want me to start the Trans Am with them late May. I need to look back and see how your logistics worked to get started at Yorktown.
    Take care. Terry

    • Terry I had hand problems too as I have large hands (XXL gloves). The situation is better after switching to Specialized gel padded gloves. Also I wrapped the handle bars twice and even tried an inter tube wrap to make the bars larger. All helped but the gloves did the most.

      So far I really like the FSA Wing bar.

  6. My, you up early this morning! Just wanted to say “hey”. Getting ready to go out on a ride with buds. Need a Harry “fix” soon. Will call.


  7. Dear bro. rabbit,

    How do you get those faster rabbits into the briar patch? They allus seem to catch me and keep right on keepin on! Hmmm, mebe I should shine up the tar baby:-)


  8. Good idea, the certificate. I’d need a ream slow as I am. I did not know you were 75 Harry. Thought you were younger than me. Damn, you’re way overdue for a bent:)

  9. Harry,

    had last ride before Colorado today; felt terrific. Hope it holds up at altitude. I do have a CG started.

    Glad cardio report your good. Stay fit and maybe we can ride this fall.


  10. Harry, Read your comments on finding camping and motels. ONe site I recently came across is Individuals register to offer their homes to bikers, of our ilk that is. I signup up myself but haven’t had any calls for lodging. New Orleans is pretty far off the established trails. However, if I do put a trip together I plan on making some contacts in advance to see if I can get a bed and maybe a meal. Glad you’re back riding.
    Did 50 miles (almost) Saturday in the afternoon heat so trying, hopefully not vainly, to be prepared for Sierra Sampler which I’m greatly looking forward to. Good riding.


    • Thanks Bill. I know of several who are Warn Showers hosts and who use them extensively. Unfortunately I am unable to host guest so I have not joined for that reason.
      Watch the heat and hydrate well before you start out.

  11. Harry,
    Delighted you back on form. Guess youll never know exactly what happened. Sometimes apoint in time” ocurrance cN never be replicated. Thing is, though, yoj got over it. Urge you not to think it will happen again at altitudes! The smoke, Cting either as a carsigen or ittitant, or simply displacing oxygen could have been the culprit.


  12. Harry,

    Hope by now your situation is sorted out better and you are feeling good. Don’t want to bug you but keep thinking about how you are doing. Keep me in the loop.

    After all this time I can’t believe I will be trying to climb those mountain passes myself in 10 days. Workin hard to get/stay in shape, but donno, whether us old guys can actually get there.


  13. Harry,


    I’ve got the greatest respect for your ride. Didn’t realize you had called it a day when I last posted. I only hope to be able to do something comparable to your ride when I get the chance. I also will find out if I can climb or not; have a feeling the Sierra Sampler will let me know. Take care of that bump; remember the medical folks are saying these days to have head bumps checked out to make sure no concussion exacted on the ole noggin. But if all is well today, most likely no damage done. I hope we get to ride together again. Take care.


  14. Harry, I’ve been quietly watching and rooting for you the whole way. You are my hero and an inspiration to all of us. See you when you get back.

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