Update On Developments

Unfortunately I was not able to get back on a bike since I last posted. The bad news is I have fallen greatly out of physical fitness. The good is I have been able to rewrite the mapping tool and clean up a lot of loose ends there. I would say what is posted is Beta 1 of 5 before we go into a Release Candidate process. Broke my first rule of programming: “Never ever re-write.” Simply too much of what has been done is interdependent and a rewrite always drops the ball somewhere.

But I could justify this rewrite by needing something to do while I had all the down time on my hands. Also this was one of the first projects I took on to learn the web which included PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript some five years ago and lots of it was long in the tooth.

The prior version had some very old  tools that were central to the project and need to be updated.  So jQuery, jQuery UI, and the CKEditor were all updated to their latest versions. I was using a very smooth file up-loader that did not use Flash like so many do but found it had gone “commercial”. While the new  bits and pieces were still available you had to sort out things to build a “package”. I had to rework several other components as well.

Initially when I started the map project it was sever centric with a lot of PHP code for decoding an encoding the map files. Over time I had moved the decoding aspect to Javascript on the client side. With the re-write I developed two Javascript objects, KML and GPX that had both reader and writers forhandling the map XML data. I used the XMLWriter.js tool for both of the the writer methods. This diminished the server side code significantly.

The PHP sever side code handles the file manipulations for reading and writing map files, downloads and uploads as well zipping up the kmz files. Cross Origin Requests (COR) are also handled by the PHP server side.

For Beta 2 I am shooting for interfacing with the Gamin Connect plugin to move data to and from GPS devices.

As an aside,  if mental tasks like programming, are needed keep an active brain then I am getting a plenty of mental exercise. 

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