Map Editor

I have had some down time from riding a bicycle so I worked on the map editor and built a new version.

The reason for developing a map editor is;

  • To show the Adventuring Cycling gpx files for their published routes on a Google map.
  • Display multiple gpx files at once.
  • Edit routes to create custom versions.
  • Merge portions of various routes together.

There are a number of good “map editors” on the internet. But I have not found one that would allow me to load multiple gpx or kml files at once. Also rare is the ability to produce a multiple segmented route, like the ACA has, in the more popular map editors. Their orientation seems to be towards day rides and if you want to map a tour it is by doing independent multiple days. Another issue I have is related, and that is you cannot map alternative routing.

Link to the map editor and play around. I find most people will  open it up and say “duh” and move on because they don’t have the need or interest in a map editor, or are just not curious enough to put an effort in understanding it, or have a preconceived notion how things should work.

But if you are interested drop a note in the guestbook. I’ll be writing up a “how to use” soon.



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